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طراحی حیاط خلوت

ODOS Architects has a rich portfolio of remodeling projects with before-and-after pictures and plans (though unfortunately no listed price) work that reflects certain ideas about preserving built-in history while remaining free to suit modern needs and contemporary aesthetics.

In some cases, a small original structure is subsumed by the added spaces – while in others the addition remains subservient to the existing architecture, all depending on cost, square footage requirements, modular building rhtyms and other project-specific considerations. Sometimes it is as simple as an extra bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, while in more extensive projects the new space can be larger than the old entirely.

The new materials they employ range from dark brick with small openings to vibrant painted-white exterior walls with large square picture windows. Existing structures they add to span the spectrum from small countryside wood cottages to conventional dull gray-painted British townhouses with shared party walls.

As these photos show, their additions can range from whole-house extensions to partial extrusions – and can fit the scale and materiality of their surroundings or depart entirely from the look and feel of neighboring buildings. Throughout their work, however, there is consistency within the diversity – an attention to detail, context and landscape with a tendency toward clean and simple minimalism – whether the final choice involves blending in with or departing from the built environment of the site and area.

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